Let’s Talk iOS

Let’s Talk iOS 227: Don’t say Bluetooth

Twitter is pulling support for their Mac app, but it’s not the end of the world as there are a couple worthy alternatives. Cody and Sebastien discuss Apple’s rumored renewed focus on software quality ahead of WWDC 2018. Finally, Sebastien share more thoughts about HomePod after a week of use (spoiler: it’s really good). 

Let’s Talk iOS 225: Out of sight, out of mind

A year after their official debut, Cody finally gets a pair of AirPods and shares his first impressions. On the eve of HomePod shipments being dispatched, Cody and Sebastien talk about the lack of support for Bluetooth streaming on the device. The two also talk about rumors of stability and performance improvements in iOS 12, Apple’s latest financial results, and more.

Let’s Talk iOS 224: The HomePod smuggler

Come for the HomePod talk, stay for the discussion about new iOS 11.3 features! This week, Cody is bearish about the HomePod and explains why he didn’t order one. Sebastien is bullish about the HomePod and explains why he ordered two, and how much faith he has in this new product. 

Let’s Talk iOS 223: The party is over

Apple doesn’t have to make iPhone less addictive, but it could definitely share usage data with users to maybe make them realize how they use their devices. Cody and Sebastien have a great conversation around that and other topics, such as AirPods, Apple’s big investment into the US economy, and of course: batteries! 

Let’s Talk iOS 219: Always read past the headline

Your two favorite co-hosts talk about Apple’s deliberate throttling of iPhones with degraded battery health, as well as the new rumor that Apple may make it possible for developers to release universal apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Finally, Cody and Sebastien share their favorite stuff of the year.

Let’s Talk iOS 217: It did happen

Cody is not very happy with the way iOS handles sound control. Sebastien talks about the iDB app update and the inconsistencies of the app approval process in the App Store. They both talk about the best App Store apps of 2017, as per Apple… Then Sebastien confides about his latest addiction. But everything is fine because Jony is back in the studio.

Let’s Talk iOS 216: A random thing to talk about

Oh boy, was that a bad week for Apple. Last time it was so bad, Scott Forstall was still working for the company. Like with most bad stories, there is a silver lining, albeit very minor. On a more positive note, HQ is fun (add “senastienpage” as your referral code in the app – yes, it’s totally misspelled!), wireless charging is awesome, and maybe you can help Cody find the right app to wake up in the morning.